Introducing the real LEAP Dev

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How We Roll

Life at LEAP Dev is being part of a diverse team of smart, innovative and curious people. Balancing support with autonomy, every LEAPster is set up to do their best work, feel proud of their contributions and enjoy a sense of belonging.

Our Values

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No-blame Culture

Don’t throw shade on people; problems in software are a fact of life. Think big, jump in, make mistakes and learn from them, together.

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Smart People Who Get (Sh)it Done

Focus on the goal and find a way to make it happen. Create opportunities, remove roadblocks and help others.

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Build It Better

Never be satisfied with “good enough”. Be relentlessly innovative and commit to continuous improvement.

Amyx - UX Designer

I love that I get to collaborate with such a diverse group of people from different backgrounds. There are so many different ideas and everyone brings a different perspective.

Amy UX Designer

Feel confident and capable whilst working from home

The events of 2020 will forever change what work means and looks like. At LEAP Dev, we have embraced a hybrid work environment based on feedback from our teams. During this transition, we have focused on what we can do to keep our LEAPsters feeling confident and capable whilst working from home. Everyone has access to hardware and software to keep communication up and ensure people feel they can still be productive. Our LEAPsters also have the opportunity to participate in a mix of remote and in person events as part of our Togetherness initiatives.

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We're committed to diversity, equity and inclusion

Our LEAPsters bring different backgrounds, genders and perspectives to their work and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Creating a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion not only promotes innovation but we believe is the right way to do business. Through our company strategies, policies and processes, we will continue to work hard to ensure our people feel safe to express who they are, encouraged to offer their ideas and supported to pursue their own development.

Our Benefits

Outlined house Work/life harmony

With flexible hours, the ability to work from home, awesome events and paid parental leave, the LEAPster life is pretty great.

Email Us Growth & development

Internal and external paid training and certification courses available, access to e-learning subscriptions, opportunities for promotion and more.

Email Us Health and wellness

We offer initiatives including gym memberships, our Employee Assistance Program, team sports and vaccination programs.

Email Us Financial wellbeing

On top of competitive salaries, LEAPsters can join our Employee Share Scheme as well as accessing a financial advisor for consultations.