We get it, job hunting is a daunting task. It could even be a full time job in itself; spending hours scouring through every job board, submitting the same CV for the 50th time that day. It’s likely that as you hit apply, hundreds more are out there hitting that same button and it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. We’ve all been there and for must of us, it’s not enjoyable. But it doesn’t have to be that way! So, to help you get noticed and land that interview, here are our top 3 resume tips!

1.Make LinkedIn your best friend!

We know these are supposed to be tips for your resume but bear with us. With 690+ Million users, LinkedIn is hands down the best way to get yourself noticed. The. Best. Way.

Polish up your profile. Upload your best photo (preferably not the same one you’d put up on your tinder). Fill in relevant details that will assist employers to match your skill set appropriately. Once that’s all done, you’re going to connect to the hiring manager at the company you want to apply for. Write them a nice message and try to speak to them directly to learn more about the role.

We promise you, there won’t be many others doing this, so you’ve already shot yourself up to the top of that shortlist!

2. Highlights. Achievements. Victories!

If you were a sports star, your CV would be your highlight reel. For every company you’ve worked at, along with a description of your role, list out what you achieved while you were there.

Did you save (or make) the company? Mention it.

Did you write some code that automated a task and saved your team hours each week? Mention it.

Do you have a sick playlist that makes you the most popular colleague around the office on Friday? Maybe don’t mention that (in your CV at least), but you catch our drift.

Being able to correlate how the work you performed directly impacted the business illustrates that you can fulfil goals and work with a purpose that goes beyond just pay cheque to pay cheque. That makes a HUGE impact in bumping you up to the top of that shortlist and making you a top candidate!

3. Personalise your application for each role.

Personalising your application is not a new concept, but we feel it still deserves a mention because we don’t see it as often as we should.

Remember, every company you apply for is different in some way. A different tech stack, a different structure, a different culture. If you have the exact same CV going out to every potential employer, you’re essentially playing the lottery with your chances of getting a call back.

Treat your CV like a proposal, make them feel like it was made just for them. Make it special.

If you’re applying for a big bank, keep it professional and identify relatable projects / skills that would apply to financial services.

If you’re applying for a trendy start up with a bearded hipster barista on site and use all the best and latest techs available, then consider how your CV should reflect that.

Write it up on Canva, talk about projects you do in your own time, add some entrepreneurial flair, maybe even add some of your blogs or hobbies if you feel like the hiring manager would relate.

A CV that can mirror that specific company’s culture while showcasing a relevant skillset and some awesome achievements, is a great way to fast track you to the front of the line!

Keep these tips in mind the next time you apply for roles and we guarantee you will get noticed!

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